Things to Consider about DIY vs Professional Roof Replacement

Roofing can be quite a challenge, especially considering that the roof is one of the most structurally complex parts of the house. You may feel more confident when confronted with minor patch and repair jobs, but replacement is a whole new ballgame. There is so much more to take into account when replacing your roof, like what materials should you go for and how to finish the job in a set amount of time.

You may be so self-assured that you think you can tackle the immense and complicated job of replacing your roof, given that you have helpers of course. You might know how to go about the project but still, there are a few more things to think about when trying a roof replacement job on your own.

Doing it yourself can save you tons of money if you know what you are doing. Professional roofing services can cost a lot of money, money that you could use for other purposes. But the main thing to consider is how much experience you have had in replacing roofs. 

Sure, simple repairs and patches count as experience but replacing a roof involves a whole lot more than replacing a few broken shingles and tiles here and there. An inspection of the entire roofing structure is required to make sure that there are no underlying issues with it. This is to prevent tear-offs so you wouldn’t have to do the job again if even a slight wind blows down your roof.

You will also need to dispose of the old roofing material safely and if there is no way for you to do this, then you might as well quit the project right away. There is also the fact that doing your roofing project is very dangerous. You might have insurance of your own to cover for injury costs but your helpers might not have. With the rate of workplace accidents especially in work involving elevated areas, this is something that can be simply overlooked.

With professional roofing contractors, your roof has the type of warranty that cannot come for do-it-yourself projects. Many licensed roofers issue a roofing warranty for up to 30 years, protecting your investment from additional costs and expenditures for that duration. Professional roofers are also licensed by regulatory agencies to make sure that they know all of the proper installation techniques. This ensures that the job that they do passes the industry standard of safety and reliability. This also makes sure that your roof lasts for as long as the warranty lasts and even more, saving you a lot of money and not hurting your house’s resale value.

It ultimately boils down to whether you are comfortable enough with yourself to potentially risk the safety of the people living under the roof or not. Remember that replacing your roof places the risk squarely on your head, the risk that your loved ones are going to share with you whether they helped with the project or not. If you feel that you need professional, and you are well-justified to feel so, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Watertite Company, Inc., the top company in the Canton roofing market. Let us know how we can help you by going to and scheduling your consultation now.